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Hello there! Welcome to our blog, the lounge to our internet home. We may post photos and recount stories from work half the time but at the end of the day, this blog is all about celebrating the love for food. We invite you jump into our little conversations, as we love nothing more than getting to know people over some good food. :)

Last September 15, Kiks and I attended the Ultimate Taste Test at the Rockwell Tent. What with the vast amount of food waiting to be tasted, how could we stay away?

Part of the reason behind our attendance was in support of Kiks’s sister Iyay and her little friend Buddy! Without bias, we’ve been avid fans of her cookies ever since she started late last year.

Bake Buddy had two flavors for UTT, the good old Red Velvet, and the newly developed flavor, Coffee Caramel Walnut Crunch. Dee-lish!

So Kiks and I walked around the venue for a bit to start tasting, and this was one of my personal favorites — crunchy belly from Carlo’s Kitchen! SO SINFUL, BUT SO GOOD! It was a shame that participants in the Ultimate Taste Test could only have one sample per booth. Ah well. This just means we should pay a visit to Mercato again!

We were told about their promo where you can win a 3 day/2 night stay at the Pearl of the Pacific in Boracay! Visit their Facebook page for more info. :)

And close by was none other than Blue Toque!

Besides their wonderfully chocolatey Nutella Mousse Cake, Blue Toque also served up some delicious cookies! If any of these sweets are making your mouth water, stay tuned for a blog post sometime soon on how to win some!

The very lovely Mary Anne in her signature blue toque! Don’t you just want to buy her cakes and cookies? :)

Moving around some more, we happened across Swizzle, which was serving up something a little different — alcoholic beverages, haha! Now we aren’t huge drinkers, but these looked pretty appealing! The golden shots are actually caramel beer (which neither Kiks nor I could bring ourselves to finish), and the colorful one is rainbow vodka. I was urged by Karla, the owner, to do the rainbow shot after I said I don’t really do shots. I gave in and tried it, and it was pretty good! The strawberry syrup at the bottom was a nice touch. :)

A few booths away was the familiar Japanese restaurant if you frequent Katipunan, Moshi Moshi! We were thrilled that they had a new dessert on the menu — green tea cheesecake! Mmm.

By this time, you’ll notice how I thoroughly enjoyed the sweets. We passed by Pinkberry for some froyo. :)

We promised the owner of Villa del Conte we’d be back after we tried all the savory stuff, and kept our promise we did. We kind of picked up that he had been in Italy for a while, perfecting his chocolates; he shared with us that one of his chocolates can actually be a substitute for coffee! Just one a day, and you’re good to go. Pretty awesome stuff. :)

Freshly made fruit jam from The Fruit Garden. :)

We tried so much food that afternoon, that having lunch elsewhere was unnecessary! Everything was there — from appetizers, to main meals, to desserts, to beverages. And now, just looking at these photos from a couple of weeks ago is just making us hungry again, and craving for more of our favorites from The Ultimate Taste Test! While there will only be one overall champion, they’re all winners in our eyes (and our tummies)!

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